Thursday, February 27, 2020
8:00am PT/ 5:00pm CET

Online webinar


Location based VR: business models

Counting money!

In this webinar we’ll talk about different business models of LB VR. The webinar contains a wide range of questions about business, and we’ll talk about it all in terms of money: what is the expenses and how to increase the profit! 

You will learn

In this webinar we’ll talk about different business models of LB VR.

Throughout our work, our customers ask us the same questions. We decided to collect the most popular questions and share our answers. In this webinar there will be only useful information that you can immediately apply in your business. Here are a few basic topic that we’ll cover:

  • Everything about different business models of LB VR;
  • Best Investments solutions - what is the price to start;
  • Possibilities of the locations: how to choose, how much money you can earn in your space;
  • Marketing features - what is the necessary things to do. We'll share lifehacks and some really good advise on what is important;
  • Actionable steps to get started.

Featured speaker

Vasily Petrenko

Co-founder The Deep VR

Vasily has six years of experience in entertainment business. For the last 2 years he has been developing business in the field of virtual reality. For one and a half years under his leadership, The Deep VR network has grown from 2 locations in Russia to a network of 24 partners around the world (from Australia to the United States).

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